04 Oct Did you or someone you know work at the Savannah River Site?

Workers, friends, and family members of the Savannah River Site are invited to join Atomic Resource Coalition for the 2018 National Day of Remembrance.

Join us for lunch, music, guest presentations, and door prizes! Special guests include: Mike Frost Band, EEOICPA Office of the Ombudsman, Department of Labor Resource Center, Critical Nurse Staffing, advocates, and healthcare/durable medical equipment providers. 

Tuesday, October 30
African American Cultural Center
120 York Street NE
Aiken, SC 29801 


PLEASE RSVP FOR LUNCH @ 803-716-8100

The National Day of Remembrance honors men and women for their service and unwavering dedication to keep the United States safe through the construction of nuclear weapons. Following World War II, the Cold War prompted a nuclear arms race from 1947-1991. Thousands of American citizens were invited to take part in highly classified government work, later identified as the manufacture and assembly of parts for atomic bombs.

Many atomic energy workers unknowingly worked with hazardous chemicals and radiation without consent or proper protective gear during this construction. As a result, countless numbers of individuals are now sick or are no longer with us today because of occupational induced illnesses.

On this day, the sacrificial work displayed by atomic energy workers, and those no longer with us, is remembered.

What can ARC do for me?

  • Help file new/refile denied RECA and EEOICPA claims
  • Help gather medical and employment records for claims
  • Provide medical screening and/or impairment rating reminders
  • Provide guidance for medical expense and wage loss reimbursement
  • Deliver updates about the RECA/EEOICPA

As a non-profit organization, all of ARC’s services are provided at NO COST.
For more information or claim assistance over the phone, contact us at 844-686-8355

Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act

Part B of the Act covers those who worked for the Department of Energy, an Atomic Weapons Employer or Beryllium Vendor, with radiation-induced cancers, beryllium disease or silicosis.

  • Worker – Medical benefits for covered condition and payment of $150,000
  • Survivor – Payment of $150,000

Part E of the Act covers Department of Energy contractor or subcontractor workers for occupationally induced illnesses caused by toxic substances.

  • Worker – Medical benefits for covered condition and impairment payment up to $250,000
  • Survivor – Base compensation of $125,000 to $175,000 (dependent on wage loss) 


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