How to File a Claim

  1. We believe it is important to use your regional Resource Center to assist you in filing your claim. ARC staff will be happy to contact the appropriate Resource Center for you so that they can call you to schedule a phone appointment. The phone appointment will consist of general questions regarding your or your loved one’s work history and work related illnesses.
  2. After the phone appointment, you will receive paperwork in the mail from the Resource Center in a self-addressed envelope. You will need to fill out the application to file a claim, and submit the requested documentation regarding your work history and work related illness/illnesses.
  3. The Resource Center will send the claim and documentation to the DOL district office to be reviewed. Within 30 days, you should receive notification that your claim has been submitted.
  4. Each case is assigned to a claims examiner. Your claims examiner may contact you for additional information regarding your case.
  5. You will receive a recommended decision of approval or denial. This will give you the opportunity to agree or disagree with the recommended decision.
  6. Once you send back the recommended decision, you will receive a “final” decision. Even if the final decision is for denial, you can always provide additional findings or information to appeal your case.


There are many advocates and attorneys who are available to work as authorized representatives on your behalf. Please understand that using an attorney or authorized representative is NOT mandatory. In some cases it can be very helpful. The ARC staff will be able to assist you in finding certain AR’s or Attorneys. Keep in mind, the attorneys are only supposed to charge 2% on the initial filing or 10% if the case is appealed. This is only if the case was approved and compensated. If you are not paid, the AR should not collect a fee.