31 May Daughter of Former Mallinckrodt Worker Receives $150,000

St. Peters, MO – In January 2017, Mary C. of St. Charles, MO received $150,000 in compensation for her mother’s previous work at Mallinckrodt Chemical Works.

Almost 27 years ago, Mary’s mother passed away from illnesses associated with her employment at the Mallinckrodt facility in St. Louis. Mary was a teenager when her mother became sick and, at the time, no one was sure of what was causing her mother’s sickness.

Mallinckrodt Chemical Works

Mallinckrodt Chemical Works

Mallinckrodt Chemical Works, a former Department of Energy facility, produced uranium metal for the purpose of supporting national defense programs to create the Atomic Bomb. Mary’s mother worked in the cafeteria of this facility for 16 years serving food to the other workers of the plant.

Fast forwarding to 2016, Mary was on a St. Louis bus tour hosted by Baue Funeral Homes. On the tour she met a representative from Atomic Resource Coalition (ARC), a non-profit in St. Peter’s, MO, that assists former nuclear energy workers and survivors with their efforts to receive compensation and/or medical benefits for their prior work.

“[The ARC representative] was with us most of the day, then started talking about Mallinckrodt and uranium,” said Mary.

After a conversation with ARC, Mary discovered the Department of Labor’s Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA).

The EEOICPA was enacted by Congress in 2000 to provide medical benefits to qualifying current and retired workers, as well as compensation for eligible workers and survivors, through the Department of Labor. Upon discussing her mother’s previous work history and illnesses, ARC determined Mary could file a survivor claim and potentially receive monetary compensation.

Six months later, her claim was accepted.

“It was quite a surprise,” said Mary.

ARC Lead Specialist, Stephanie Tufts, assisted Mary in the claim filing process from start to finish. Mary’s survivor case was instantly approved because her mother’s employment dates fell into a Special Exposure Cohort (a category of employees established by the EEOICPA that worked during a specific time period at the site).

“[Stephanie] was very good. If I had any questions I went to her and she told me what to do.”

Mary reports the process went smooth for her and everyone she worked with was very nice.

ARC’s mission is to provide assistance and support for all current and eligible beneficiaries working through the EEOICPA claim process. All former nuclear energy workers and survivors are encouraged to contact ARC to see if they qualify under the Department of Labor’s EEOICPA for compensation and/or medical benefits. For more information, visit ARCeducates.org or call 844-686-8355 to find out how ARC can assist you.

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